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Emphasis on Hard to Find locations, Difficult connections and Impossible deadlines.

It might not be "your first time at the rodeo" in arranging a videoconference meeting, or it might be the first task of this kind your boss has ever asked you to do. Either way, StandByVideo can assist you or we can completely manage the videoconference portion of your meeting. We can assure you a positive and successful experience. Let us assist you in booking certified videoconference facilities for your upcoming deposition, job interview, or a business meeting.

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Why StandByVideo


We at StandByVideo (DBA would like to thank you for visiting our web site. Our goal is to make every videoconference experience a success and to earn your loyalty with our technical expertise and our attention to detail.

Even though videoconferencing is now widely used in the corporate environment, there is no one “clearing house” for all available public videoconference rooms.

It is our mission to become that one unified resource. This website is intended to assist you in booking certified videoconference facilities for your upcoming deposition, job interview, business meeting or any business activity.

From the moment you enter your information online (click find a room button) our staff will be researching your request. We will locate most convenient and best cost options, and we will be in contact with you generally within minutes. Our staff will assist you from the first contact until after your videoconference is completed.

Beyond our expertise in arranging videoconference meetings, StandByVideo specializes in “Hard to Find” rooms, “Difficult” connections and “Impossible” deadlines. Click here to find out what makes StandByVideo different from a standard room broker.

The StandByVideo database and room availability engine has over 1000 registered and certified videoconference locations. All certified facilities are approved for corporate quality videoconference meetings. You will never be disappointed in the meeting room or the service quality in any certified facility we provide you. Through our partners and affiliates we can provide you access to over 3000 public videoconference rooms located in cities throughout the world. StandByVideo's strategic partnership with one of the largest international telecommunications providers allows us to manage your videoconference network during your critical meeting, and ensure the highest quality connection at highly competitive rates. Videoconferencing is wonderful technology - we are here to work for you and make your meeting successful!

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